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Logical Invest is a pioneer in providing transparent, rules-based investment strategies that investors trade in their own accounts, including 401k and IRAs. Our proprietary algorithms combine diverse asset classes including equities, bonds, gold and volatility into smart strategies that maximize risk-adjusted returns.

Our Top Strategies & Portfolios

NameReturn 1y ▼Volatility 1ySharpe 1yMax DD 1y
Crypto & Leveraged Top 2 Strategy440.6%76.9%5.7-35.0%
NASDAQ 100 Strategy30.7%18.8%1.5-8.5%
Aggressive Risk Portfolio19.5%11.2%1.5-6.1%
Global Sector Rotation Strategy17.0%10.6%1.4-7.7%
Universal Investment Strategy15.9%7.3%1.8-3.8%
Top 3 Strategies14.2%10.4%1.1-6.5%
US Market Strategy 2x Leverage10.6%20.3%0.4-18.3%
Global Market Rotation Strategy9.1%8.7%0.8-6.2%
World Top 4 Strategy8.2%5.4%1.0-3.8%
Dow 30 Strategy7.5%6.2%0.8-5.2%
Enhanced Permanent Portfolio Strategy7.5%8.3%0.6-6.7%
US Market Strategy7.2%7.8%0.6-6.8%
Leveraged Gold-Currency Strategy6.7%8.9%0.5-7.0%
Moderate Risk Portfolio6.7%6.9%0.6-5.3%
Maximum Yield Strategy6.3%20.6%0.2-17.1%

Performance data is hypothetical, does not account for slippage, fees or taxes, and is based on backtesting, which has many inherent limitations, some of which are described in our Terms of Use.

What we stand for


Our strategies include adaptive hedging mechanisms to protect you from large market corrections.


Our strategies are thoroughly back-tested and publicly documented so investors understand what is “inside the box”.


You can combine and allocate across strategies to create your own unique portfolio.

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Whether you have a 401k, an IRA, a Roth IRA, a SEP IRA or a taxable account, we give you the tools to design your investment portfolio using simple, cost-effective and proven strategies. You are in it for the long run and we can help you stay the course, avoiding emotional decision making and constant second guessing. There is no commitment, no fund transfers. Just register with your email address for a free trial.

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