The Logical-Invest newsletter for February 2023

A good start

All Logical Invest strategies came out positive for January. Our more aggressive strategies saw 12-19% gains while only one strategy had a slightly negative return. The Universal Investment 3x Leveraged strategy took the lead with 19.5%, followed by the Maximum Yield Strategy at 15.7%.

Many of our strategies stayed in defensive mode for January, allocating heavily to GSY, which is the short-term paper ETF. We expect those strategies to start allocating more funds into the stronger assets that will emerge as 2023 unfolds.

The TOP 3 strategy is in 100% cash? Where will it allocate next?

Imagine being 100% cash for 2022 and someone told you that you should allocate slowly into something other than cash for 2023. What would you do?

Well, this is what the Top 3 Strategy will be doing this year. For the first time since inception, it sits 100% in ‘cash’. The strategy can therefore be used to track what sectors and asset classes will be emrging, in a risk-adjusted, quantitative and objective way. Even if you don’t want to follow the strategy in your actual trading, it can steer you in the right direction to what asset classes you should be looking at.

It does not mean it will outperform, it just means it can be used an objective guide. Keep in mind that the Top 3 Strategy, may be a bit slow to move but it has access to a very diverse universe of ETFs and stocks that would be hard to keep track of. It can form a long term portfolio based on actual trends: From individual sectors such as nuclear energy to foreign (European/Asian/Emerging) stock. From ‘safer’ Dow 30 companies to more growth oriented NASDAQ 100 ones. From long term Treasuries to high yield or foreign denominated bonds.

The list is actually much larger as the Top 3 strategy picks from 8+ strategies, each with it’s own universe of stocks and ETFs. Something very difficult to do manually and without emotional bias.

Keep track of it here:
Top 3 Strategies

The Logical-Invest team.

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NameCAGR 1y ▼
Crypto & Leveraged Top 2 Strategy81.9%
US Market Strategy 2x Leverage37.3%
Maximum Yield Strategy37.0%
NASDAQ 100 Strategy34.3%
Volatility less than 15%27.2%

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