Logical Invest 2.0: Strategy & Launch of new application

Dear Subscribers and followers,

It all started on the beautiful Greek island of Hydra where Frank, Vangelis and Alex met for the Logical Invest partner meeting in May 2018. Our objective was to define Logical Invest’s strategic priorities along with the concrete steps to accomplish them. Here is what we came up with:

Priority 1: Become the “partner of choice” for both retail and institutional investors

  • Make QuantTrader the engine that drives our online offerings as well as our strategy design and operations
  • Launch our next generation web application that merges the capabilities of our various tools into an integrated application built on a sustainable and scaleable platform
  • Build community collaboration features so users can build, share and improve QuantTrader investment strategies and portfolios with the help of fellow investors

Priority 2: Broaden our retail customer base

  • Provide “point and click” investment options for investors looking for simple solutions
  • Provide easy to use tools for advanced investors to create custom portfolios that meet their unique investment goals
  • Provide better documentation and educational support to our users

Priority 3: Expand our offerings for institutional investors and money managers

  • Strive for GIPS certification of our strategies
  • Partner with US based registered investment advisers to offer money management products
  • Explore non-US based money management offerings including managed accounts and open investment funds

“Wow, not bad for a week” we thought, but also quickly realized that to accomplish our goals we needed to expand our team with a technology veteran, while keeping the spirit of who we are.  We did just that with the addition of Patrick Hill, who joined the partnership in August 2018. Pat has held software engineering and management positions at companies such as IBM, Dell and HP as well as several start-up companies. He is a graduate of the University of Texas and lives in Austin, Texas. Pat also proudly owns Logical Invest user id #95, which means he pretty much knew what he was up for when joining the team.

Exciting times are coming for Logical Invest subscribers!

We are today launching our new Logical Invest web application, which is the cornerstone for our strategic vision. Features of the new app include:

  1. Easily build, track and save your portfolio online
  2. Select and save your own benchmarks for performance comparisons
  3. A new real-time Portfolio Optimizer that is much faster and more flexible
  4. An updated Portfolio Builder makes it easy to combine strategies and ETFs
  5. Support for additional metrics like Down Volatility, Sortino, Ulcer, and Duration
  6. A mobile friendly interface so you can manage your portfolio from your smartphone
  7. Extended back-testing to at least 2006 using synthetic ETF and mutual fund data
  8. A single monthly rebalance email for your custom portfolio, see an example here

At the same time we are launching a new set of product offerings:

  • Free Offering: All registered users are now able to maintain Portfolios of ETF and our US-Sector Rotation Strategy for free, including the monthly email reporting.
  • Core Portfolios: A Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive Core Portfolio that provide no-fuss optimized portfolios for common risk profiles and a simple selection for non-technical users
  • “All Portfolios” Bundle: As currently offered in our “All Strategies” subscription, but enhanced with a Portfolio Library that includes additional optimized portfolios for different investing objectives. QuantTrader Light is included and in the future, the ability to create QT strategies online.
  • “Professional Individual / Institutional”: These offerings includes all above plus access to our QuantTrader Premium and customization or integration with your own infrastructure.

All current subscribers and registered users of Logical Invest have immediate access to the new app. As a starting point, all users have been assigned the “Conservative Core Portfolio” as their “My Portfolio” which you can then modify to suit your objectives.

Due to all the new exciting features and tools, our strategies and the underlying database also underwent some changes, so you will note some differences between the “old” and “new” site reporting. To allow you time for exploring the features, setting up your own portfolio and to ensure a smooth transition we will run both processes and sites in parallel for the coming month-end rebalance.

We will keep you informed as we make progress towards our strategic priorities and, as always, we value your candid feedback.

Thank you in advance for your continued support!

   » The Logical Invest Team

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NameCAGR 1y ▼
Leveraged Gold-Currency Strategy36.2%
US Sector Rotation Strategy17.3%
NASDAQ 100 Strategy14.6%
Maximum Yield Strategy13.3%
Max Sharpe Portfolio9.3%

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  1. Looks very “Logical”!

    I looked at the three portfolios, mainly to see how they have handled all the turbulence this year. Pretty well, I would say. Adding UGLD with TMF as an alternative hedge was a great idea.

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