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    Alexander Horn

    How to install, launch, log-in, find your way

    John Lawson

    I just signed up for QuantTrader. The only file I can open on my MacBook is the help file in PDF. I don’t see any instructions for downloading, opening and starting the other files. Please advise.


    Hello John,
    You should receive a welcoming email with the download link as well as your username. Please contact us for further help.


    In the most recent blog post, Frank discusses the changes to the bond hedge in many of the strategies. I agree that adding TIP’s and rotating bond sectors as a hedge makes very good sense.

    Are you making the updated strategies available in quanttrader? If so, can you please update the quanttrader download page.

    Also, my current version 301S, does not allow me to build strategies with 5% allocations. I have to set the allocation to a minimum of 10% else the program crashes.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    John McGuire

    I purchased quant trader tool about 30 minutes ago, trying to log-in using my user-name and password for 1st time and am not able to log-in. Even after resetting my password.

    Please advise.

    Thank you!

    Alexander Horn

    Hi John, thanks for your interest. Looking into it and will come back in some minutes.


    With the QuantTrader Software, do I still need a signal subscription or are the signals easily accessible in the tool?


    The Quanttrader subscription is all you need. It includes the All-Strategy subscription so you will have access to all signals online and via email.


    Quick question to the team: if I were to subscribe to a sample portfolio (say the MaxCAGR Vol<7% portfolio discussed in Richard’s recent article), how many trades (buy/sell) on average would I need to execute in a given year? Just trying to estimate the commission fees I’d run up. Any rough estimate would be helpful.

    Thanks for the very interesting products,

    Alexander Horn

    Hi Jamie,

    Thanks for your interest! Depends a bit on your account size, for example if running less than $50k I would drop the smaller allocations to some strategies (let´s day the 1-5% ones) and rebalance only if deviation to target allocation gets bigger than 5% precisely to reduce trading costs. As is I would guess about 120 transactions a year, but you can reduce it probably to half without impacting performance too much.

    Use the Max CAGR Vol < 7% as template and built your own portfolio with the strategies you feel you can handle. Either in the online tool, or optimize your own mix with the Excel tool (on a rainy weekend). Also pick a good low cost broker with the tools you need. Interactive Brokers for example (and we´re really not affiliated!) has a rebalance tool where you see current % allocations by instrument, and then simply update these % allocations to the target (when needed due to allocation differences >5%). The tool will then create orders translated to shares.

    This is what I mostly do, keeps cost down and speeds rebalancing up to 15-30 minutes.

    Gordon Cooper

    Hi Alex-

    I just subscribed to a QT trial a few minutes ago and downloaded from the Updates page on the QT forum. When unzipped I ended up with two files: QuantTrader311S.exe and QuantTrader.ini.

    So I downloaded a small group of symbols and started the Strategy Backtester. It works fine, but none of the LI strategies are populated into the Portfolio pull down window of the Strategy Backtester or listed in the Portfolio Manager tool. Also there were no pre-loaded symbols.

    I’m guessing I’m missing a file or two.



    Gordon Cooper


    I figured out the problem- When I extracted the .zip files, I changed the default location and extracted them to a folder within “program files”. But when I extracted to the default “downloads” folder, all is good.


    Good morning, just getting started with Quanttrader and have a question. Looking at the #NASDAQ 100 hedged portfolio, it appears to take the Nasdaq 100 Meta strategy and combine it with a hedge. I noticed that if I run the 100 hedged it selects 4 stocks, AAPL, MU NVDA amd SYMC. However, the current positions in the NASDAQ 100 Meta are NVDA, MU STX and WDC.

    Not sure this real critical but it is a confusion factor for me. comments?

    Alexander Horn

    You will find two Nasdaq strategies, the simple one corresponds to the signals we publish, the hedged one you mention is an extra for QT subscribers.

    Frank Grossmann

    I think you reference to the “current allocation” window. This is in fact the allocation as calculated for the last available close. The one we publish is the allocation calculated with the last months close. The calculated allocations can change within the month, but it does not make sense to follow these changes in your portfolio. Rebalancing once per month gives better results.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 84 total)
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