The Logical-Invest newsletter for May 2021


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Strategy Performance

April was an excellent month for our strategies with almost all of them in the green.

The top spots were for our leveraged strategies. Our more stable strategies, namely The Enhanced Permanent Portfolio, Universal Investment Strategy and Top 3 Strategy returned between 3% – 4%.

Expecting an economic recovery

The market seems to be pricing in an economic recovery fuelled by successful vaccinations and the reopening of economies, at least in the developed countries. The very high levels of personal savings combined with pent up demand to freely shop, travel and socialize are seen as positive for the markets despite extremely high valuations, especially in the U.S..

For April, the S&P 500 was up 5.7%. Treasuries had a small recovery of +1.9% after a dismal year while gold recovered by 5.1% but still continuing on it’s month-long sideways path.

New Logical Invest strategy with Crypto?

We first mentioned Bitcoin in our July 2017 Newsletter, almost 4 years go. At the time of writing 1 BTC cost $4,200. By the end of 2017 it had reached $19,000. It proved to be the peak. For the next 2 years Bitcoin entered a bear market reaching a price below $4,000, an almost 80% loss. The voices calling Bitcoin a bubble were proven right. Until 2021.

Today 1 BTC costs around $55,000. What is more interesting is the support from established financial entities such as Fidelity, Citi , J.P. Morgan as well as large publicly traded companies such as Tesla and the newly listed Coinbase.

At this point although a U.S. based ETF does not yet exist, most U.S. investors have access to Bitcoin and Ethereum exposure via the Greyscale Trusts or the new Canadian Purpose ETFs. For those that have access to futures CME offers both Bitcoin and Ethereum futures.

The time has come to publish a new strategy. For the bold and the fearless! A true inflation fighter!

Stay tuned!

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The Logical-Invest team.

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NameCAGR 1y ▼
Crypto & Leveraged Top 2 Strategy106.6%
Leveraged Gold-Currency Strategy12.0%
NASDAQ 100 Strategy9.8%
Universal Investment Strategy9.0%
Aggressive Risk Portfolio8.4%

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