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Dow 30 Portfolio in latest QT?2018-12-21T11:18:07+00:00
  • Author
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    I see the Dow 30 and its hedge are now in QT. I personally like this because the Dow 30 has five sectors of >10%, where QQQ has only two )and one is >50% tech sector). I had already built and followed a DJIA plus hedge before this.

    Do you have any plans to add this to the existing strategy portfolio??

  • Alexander Horn
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    Good morning R D, well, that and some other requested features are kind of our Christmas gift for the community. The Dow30 strategy is already in the app and also incorporated into portfolios, where applicable.

  • Supal Patel
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    Hello Mr Horn, I have a followup question. Currently I dont see Top 4 Dow strategy not used in any Core portfolios. Is that by design? At what time/frequency the strategies and their allocations for core portfolio gets revisited?


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