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    Richard Thomas

    I have been having some major problem with managing lists in QT.
    I have my own version of Nasdaq100 strategy that is based on your structure of Leaders, Low volatility and Balanced without Hedge but with different parameters and I do not want to overwrite it with your version.
    My Nasdaq list (called Nasdaq100-4 from some previous version of QT) was a bit out of date but I wanted to keep it to see what difference it made to my results using the new list versus the Nasdaq100-4 list. I was also curious to see the results based on just adding the new symbols to my Nasdaq100-4 and not removing the symbols that were no longer part of the Nasdaq100.
    My approach was to go into the Stock list Manager, select Nasdaq100-4, duplicate it and call it Nasdaq100 2021 and remove and add symbols to this new list.
    I went into the Strategy Manager and removed the old Nasdaq100-4 list and added the Nasda100 2021 list to both Nasdaq100 leaders (N100L) and Nasdaq low volatility (N100LV).
    I then restarted QT and the XXXX hit the proverbial fan!!
    I got an undefined sub-strategy for every strategy that contained either of N100L or N100LV and I have a LOT of them. After hitting OK to the 35 error messages I finally got into QT.
    However NONE of my strategies that used N100L or N100LV were visible in the dropdown list in the Strategy performance screen. They were however visible in the Strategy Manager screen. The updated N100L and N100LV both showed them using the new list, but there was an error message saying that the portfolio was disabled due to Undefined sub-strategies or unresolved symbols or strategy execution problems. The other strange thing was that my old list Nasdaq100-4 was no longer visible in the Components/Stock Lists section of the Strategy Manager screen.
    After a bit of trial and error I was able to copy the backup of N100L and N100LV from the backup folder into the ini folder, rename it to remove the numbers in front and delete the latest non working N100L and N100LV ini files.
    I then reloaded QT and ran through all my strategies and they appear to be all working and delivering the correct results.
    I am now back to where I started!
    So can you please show me how to create my three Nasdaq100 lists as described above and alternate between them without causing undefined sub strategy errors.


    I normally do the new lists first in Excel and save it as a csv file which is a comma separated text file. Now it is quite simple to create a new Stock list in QT and import this csv text file. Make sure you use the latest QT version which I published 2 days ago because the older versions had a bug in the list manager. This could be the problem you experienced. If there is a problem in a strategy, then it is disabled. It is still there and after fixing the problems you can enable it wit the enable/disable checkbox.
    Best is to copy a new stock list to the strategy and then delete the old one.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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