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    I’ve just discovered Logical Invest and have been intensely looking at all the strategies and portfolios. My first impression is “Wow!”. My second is…. “could this be too good to be true?”

    Looking at the Max Drawdown less than 15% portfolio, I’m blown away that for the last 10 years I could have have a CAGR of 35% with a max drawdown of 12%. That’s insanely awesome! That would have made me a fortune! Who get’s those kind of returns? And I can just follow this and achieve something similar?

    I realize things are optimized on past data, but over a 15 year period or so of monthly returns you show, is this all from the same latest optimization? Have there been any changes along the way where you kept the returns of a previous model for past years but improved later years when the orginal model(s) weren’t doing as well as they started out doing?

    It just seems like if this is real and I can follow your Max Drawdown less than 15% portfolio and achieve what I see this portfolio would have achieved over the last 15 years that I have found the best investing secret in the world and you are going to give me this for $50 a month?



    I’m interested in the reply to this post.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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