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    Mark Vincent


    Is there an easy way to create an NYSE stock list and maintain it? I can download it from many sites but keeping it up to date would be all manual I presume.


    Mark Vincent

    An NYSE stock list with at least 3 years of history for each symbol so that QT does not crash.


    Stock lists can be imported from a text file with just the symbols on each line.
    They are saved in the ini file of the strategy in the stock list section

    If you change the symbols after $Nasdaq100=1,1,0.00, then at the next start QT will repair the file and use the new symbols. This is an easy way to change the list. You just have to make sure that you replace this list in all strategy (ini) files which use this list.
    You can also just make a new list with the list editor and then edit the strategies in the strategy manager so that they use the new list.
    Regards Frank

    Mark Vincent

    Thanks Frank,

    I know how to import and create one but the initial import will have stocks that don’t have history and QT crashes I was wondering if there a good source to get the initial stock list from that only has stocks with 3 years of history. I guess I just need to manually delete the stocks with no history and then update my list on a regular basis.



    It should not crash. Can you send me the ini folder or ini file of the strategy which crashes so that I can try? Can you email it to [email protected]?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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