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    Richard Thomas

    I have started QT today (Dec 28th at 9am mountain time – so 90 mins after the open) and selected to load the data using End of Day Data and Intraday Prices. However when QT is open it does not appear to have loaded any intraday prices. When I look at the data files for the individual stocks and ETFs the most current entry is Dec 24th. What is going wrong? Is the intraday data held somewhere else?
    In addition when I go into Cons Allocations and select the Allocations based on intraday price the prices do not correspond to the actual prices as shown on my charting platform (thinkorswim). How up to date should these prices be? Within Cons Allocations what prices should be displayed for each of the three allocation options?


    The intraday price is the 15min delayed price, the same as shown at yahoo finance on the iPhone stocks app. The price is only saved internally, the data files safe only eod prices. I checked the intraday prices in the consolidated window and thy match the prices of the iPhone or iPad app.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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