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  • Tony Walker
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    I cannot replicate the allocation shown in my dashboard at moderate risk in Quanttrader. Should I be able to?
    The example in the dashboard is 50% to GSRS and 50% Nasdaq100. Although there are some similar components there are others which only appear in one or the other.
    Maybe I am selecting the wrong version of the strategy in QT?

  • Alexander Horn
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    Hello Tony,

    to replicate the holdings of the moderate portfolio in QT, just use the “condolidated allocations” in QT, select 50% GSRS and 50% in Nasdaq 100 and you should get the following, which matches what our app shows, well, despite we round to one digit in the app:

    QT Moderate Jan 2019

    Contact me at alex @ logical-invest.com if you need a hand,
    Best, Alex

    • Tony Walker
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      Thanks Alex, fired up QT again, thought I did do what you are suggesting before but clearly something was wrong as now it shows allocations identical to that online.

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