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    I am from Italy and relatively new to rotational portfolios. I traded on futures in the past but not much on ETF.
    I realized QT is mainly showing portfolios based on US ETF symbols which now are almost impossible to be traded in Italy (and other EU countries if I am not wrong?).
    I was wondering if other European users found a straight solution or any smart workaround?
    I assume (correct?) there are no perfect EU ETFs corresponding to every US ETF …

    Any of you made a comp table or anything?


    Found this later… Sorry.

    Any news since this post?
    Anybody conferted the ini file and standard portfolios with EU ETFs?


    No updates really although some clients have created their own strategy versions. The way we have solved this is 1. Got professional status so we can trade US ETFs. 2. We trade VIX futures and options, a strategy that we may soon open to investors via a managed IB account.


    If you traded Futures, then you can for example trade our Enhanced Permanent Portfolio strategy

    You just have to replace SPY by ES Futures, TLT by ZB Futures and GLD by GC Futures

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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