Can the quant trader consolidated allocation be downloaded to excels?

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    Or is it a file in one of the folders?


    Hi R D,

    yes, to copy the consolidated allocations for pasting into Excel or a text editor simply keep the left mouse button pressed while marking the table, then CTRL+C to copy and CTLR+V to paste, see below

    Consol Copy


    Hi, the cut paste does not always work. I am finding that it ignores allocations to TQQQ, VGT, MINT and NEAR for example. Thus, I get a pasted table with missing weightings, symbol prices, shares and amount. I then have to populate the table manually with the missing data…


    The other comment I would make is that the data is pasted as text instead of values which means you have to manually clean the data, so you have to remove $ signs out of the symbol price and amount columns to get an excel table to add up to the consolidated allocation (for checking purposes).

    Is there a way to paste as values instead of text?


    When I paste into Excel 2013 it does paste values and sets the format to dollars or percent. I am able to use formulas and do totals without any problem.

    For MINT, TQQQ, etc. it appears to be an issue for symbols that do not have a description. The quick fix is to go to Setup Tools -> Symbol Manager in QuantTrader and add descriptions. We’ll work on QT update to address that as well.

    Hope that helps.


    I see that there is a problem because of the missing symbol name. I will have a look on it and include a fix in the next published version


    Here is a new QuantTrader528S version which fixes the Excel copy paste error. I also removed the $ sign in the cells so that now all numbers are also pasted as numbers.
    Here is a download link for the new version.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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