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    Nelson Brady

    Is there a way to see the CAGR over different time ranges for a strategy without including re-invested gains and dividends? If not, I would really like to have that capability.


    You can save the performance log of a strategy as a csv, and then you add all monthly performances exactly as they are written in the second last column. This will give you the return without reinvestment of the profits.
    With reinvestment you would rather multiply the monthly performances. To do this you have to add 1 to each performance. 2% = 1.02


    Good evening Frank, i saved the performance log as you suggested above, but columns are separated by commas and also decimals are separated by commas. If i import the csv in excel it doesn’t look the way it should. Numbers are splitted in two columns if there are decimals.

    Is there another software you recommend to open the performance log?

    Thank you


    I checked myself and I could easily convert into columns using the data conversion tool. I can imagine however that on your system you have a comma (,) as decimal separator whereas we in Europe prefer the dot (.). This makes the data conversion more difficult. I will check if we can change the separator to something else like the Tab or ;


    I’m from Europe too. Is there some setting i can change on my computer so you don’t have to change the separator?


    If the decimal , is the problem, then you can open the “Region settings” and then additional settings until you see the number settings where you can change the decimal separator from , to .

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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