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    A suggestion for a new feature:

    May I suggest to include a annual performance button so that with one click, we can generate a report or chart, showing annual performance figures of the strategy vs the annual performance of the benchmark (calendar year) every year?

    This will be very helpful to see the strategy’s performance year over year.

    The current History Range function is not very convenient to compare performance every year.


    Richard Thomas

    I agree. This would be very helpful.

    Petr Trauške

    I also agree. It givs better accountancy.


    Hi. I’m a trial user. Has this been implemented? I agree with the past posts that this would be helpful. This would enable a user to easily see the consistency of returns year-over-year. If this feature doesn’t exist, do you have suggestions on how to best create this report?


    No, there is just the chart, but you can select every year and see the difference to the benchmark. I think this is much better because by comparing the charts you can also judge risk / volatility


    In addition, is there a way to see when a strategy has been modified? P123 shows on the equity curve when a strategy has been updated/modified.


    Hi Zeke,
    We will consider doing that. For now we have a change log for QuantTrader that shows when a major strategy update happens.
    Keep in mind all our strategies originate from QuantTrader which you can download and play around for free (30 days).

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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