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Remove uncertainty about your investment strategy decisions and get superior returns with greater safety. Our quantitative portfolio strategies are delivered as a few simple ETF trades per year that you easily place in your own brokerage accounts.ETF & Mutual Fund Rotation, Investment and Trading Strategies for Retail and Institutional Investors & Traders


Our Approach

Beat Wall Street

For around $30/month

Remove Uncertainty

Make a few ETF trades a month


No hidden fees or expenses

No black boxes

We show how our strategies work and why they beat the market


Keep control of your own money

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Our well respected and published strategies use the most advanced scientific algorithms and are fully automated


Our strategies have averaged 20% to 40% a year in returns, many with lower volatility than the market

Rest Easy

Don’t be left behind . . . sleep well at night

Our strategy portfolio

We develop intelligent, rule-based portfolio strategies for investors


Strategy Links  CAGR MaxDD Sharpe Instruments Frequency
Universal Investment Strategy desc Details PDF Subscribe 14.2% 17.4% 1.13 S&P500 vs Treasuries Monthly
Global Market Rotation desc Details PDF Subscribe 35.0% 28.0% 1.26 Global Regions Equity ETFs Monthly
Global Market Rotation Enhanced desc Details PDF Subscribe 40.3% 28.0% 1.35 Global Regions Equity ETFs Monthly
The BUG desc Details PDF Subscribe 10.6% 6.1% 1.13 S&P500, Treasuries, EM Debt, Convertibles, Gold, TIPS Monthly
Maximum Yield desc Details PDF Subscribe 54.9% 14.3%  2.05 Inverse VIX ETFs, Treasuries, Twice a Month
Sleep Well Bond Rotation desc Details PDF Subscribe 13.1% 10.3%: 1.39 Major Bond Sectors ETFs Monthly
Global Sector Rotation Low Volatility desc Details PDF Subscribe 24.4% 17.1% 1.34  27 Global Sector ETFs Monthly
Nsadaq 100 Meta Strategy  desc Details PDF Subscribe 53.4% 17.3% 2.2 NASDAQ 100 Stocks Monthly
The Top 4 World Country strategy desc Details PDF Subscribe 19.5% 13.3% 1.24  50 Global Country ETFs Monthly




Mouse over desc for Description.  All Strategies use treasures and cash like ETFs to reduce risk during financial stress. CAGR: Compound Annual Growth Rate. MaxDD: strategy maximum peak-to-trough decline. Sharpe: measure of risk-adjusted performance.
BUG statistics refer to the ‘straight’ non-leveraged version. All statistics as of strategy inception, last update Jan 2015.   Top4 World Country Statistics refer to the limited 5 year backtest that uses all current ETFs. 


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