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Logical-Invest review @ Daily Fintech


With a lot of hype about FinTech these days, we´re happy to have received a positive review from one of the most important FinTech blogs. What is FinTech? Here the definition of FinTech by Investopedia: Fintech is a portmanteau of financial technology that describes an emerging financial services sector in the 21st century. Originally, the term applied to technology applied to the back-end of established consumer and trade financial institutions. A review of Logical Invest by … Read more

The Logical-Invest monthly newsletter for July 2015

This is the monthly Logical-Invest newsletter for July 2015. Strategy performance overview: symbol close year to date % ▴ 3 month % 1 month % 1 day % 60 day volatility 60 day correlation 3 month Sharpe 12 month Sharpe 36 month Sharpe WORLD-TOP4 284.82 8.27 0.85 -1.21 0.68 12.57 0.69 0.43 3.01 3.24 MYRS 615.56 5.11 1.02 -1.80 0.53 14.39 0.69 0.42 1.11 2.85 GMRS 4296.50 3.77 -3.35 -1.76 0.12 8.81 0.86 -2.20 -0.06 1.65 … Read more

The Logical-Invest monthly newsletter for January 2016

Logical Invest Investment Outlook January 2016   Market comment: With December 2015 behind us, we have now ended one of the most challenging investing years. The US stock market ended flat for the year. All other assets like precious metals, bonds, commodities and emerging markets gave negative returns. For the past 20 years, including the 2008 subprime crisis year, we always had at least one asset group going up considerably (10% or more). Here is an … Read more

The Logical-Invest monthly newsletter for August 2016

IRA investment Passive

Logical Invest Investment Outlook August 2016 Our top year-to-date strategies: The Leveraged Universal strategy with 40.6% return. The Maximum Yield strategy with 34.3% return.  The World Top 4 with 20.6% return. SPY, the S&P500 ETF, returned 7.6%, year-to-date. News: Our in-house software is available for licensing to professional clients. We are looking for registered investment advisers and wealth managers to partner with.   Market comment: Sentiment across mainstream media remains cautious despite the S&P500 index breaking to a new all time high, on July 8th. Many … Read more

The Logical-Invest monthly newsletter for September 2016

IRA investment Passive

Special topic this month: Passive Investments Logical Invest Investment Outlook September 2016 Our top year-to-date strategies: The Leveraged Universal strategy with 39.09% return. The Maximum Yield strategy with 34.04% return.  The World Top 4 with 20.51% return. SPY, the S&P500 ETF, returned 7.73%, year-to-date. New tools: The Online Custom Portfolio Builder The Consolidated Signals tool. Market comment: The summer market showed strength compared to its seasonal bias. The old saying “Sell in May and go away” did not hold up this year as SPY … Read more

Enhancement of the Treasury hedge in our strategies


For many years, most of our strategies used long term Treasuries (TLT, TMF) as a hedge against market corrections. These Treasuries have been a safe haven asset with negative correlation to the stock market and have been used successfully to reduce the risk/volatility of our strategies. With rising rates and inflation, long term treasuries lose a part of their value as a safe haven asset. Their hedging value depends mainly on the speed interest rates … Read more