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Logical Invest’s QuantTrader Software

A QuantTrader subscription is our state-of-the-art solution for professional investors. You can run our QuantTrader software right on your PC.

Logical Invest QuantTrader

Logical Invest QuantTrader

QuantTrader is C++ based proprietary software used to calculate and backtest the Logical Invest investment strategies. All Logical-Invest strategies are included. The user has the ability to tweak the parameters of the strategies to their needs. They can perform full backtests of a strategy for as far back as data is available. They can instantly generate updated trading signals (rebalancing instructions) on any day of the month.

Logical Invest QuantTrader detail 1

Logical Invest QuantTrader detail 1

For  larger multi-strategy accounts, a professional trader can use QT to create dynamic “META-strategies” that pick and allocate across existing Logical-Invest strategies. These ‘META-strategies’ can be tweaked to desired risk levels. They can be backtested as well as run in ‘real-time’ to create  both strategy level and ETF level re-balancing instructions. 

Logical Invest QuantTrader Meta Strategy

Logical Invest QuantTrader Meta Strategy

Access to QuantTrader gives professional investors several advantages over the monthly Logical Invest strategy emails:

QuantTrader Highlights:

  • Daily automatic download of the ETF/Stock closing prices
  • Daily updated strategy performance visible. The software shows performance charts and detailed statistical information
  • Performance logs and ranking logs can be exported in excel format. Like this it can be included easily in reports.
  • Every day the optimum allocation is indicated. This allows strategy rebalancing whenever you want. This way, you can for example rebalance before the official end of month rebalancing.
  • It is very simple to change strategy parameters. This way an investor can fine-tune its risk return profile. It is for example simple to limit volatility of a strategy to a certain level (for example 5%)
  • All Logical-Invest strategies and many more strategies are included in the license. New strategies can be easily built and tested. You can duplicate existing strategies and change ETFs and parameters to get a new strategy. If necessary Logical Invest will advise you on how to do it.
  • Large account traders can easily create and backtest a customized dynamic META-strategy that decides every month which strategies to pick and how much to allocate to each.
  • All ETFs available from Yahoo finance can be used to build new strategies.
  • The license includes a one day training session.


Output performance logs as csv for further processing:


QuantTrader Cutom Strategy Builder:

Advanced users can create their own trading strategies using their choice of ETFs and taking advantage of our advanced algorithms. There is no coding involved. Strategies themselves can be treated as symbols (for example #BRS can be traded as a symbol) resulting in the ability to run systems of strategies in a remarkably easy and intuitive way.



Subscription details


If you have any questions or need further information please contact us.

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