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    Brad Marshall

    when and where do we see the trades for portfolios?


    Allocations for your portfolio are emailed to you the morning after the last trading day of each month. You can also look online at any portfolio or strategy and scroll down to Allocations to see current allocations. You can also enter your account value and it will calculate the shares to buy for each allocation.

    Brad Marshall

    So, if we want to follow the core portfolios, we need to look daily and change allocations on our end? The trades for core portfolios are not published anywhere?


    The portfolio allocations only update at the beginning of each month, which is when you would make your trades. There is no need to track them daily.

    Ivan Fisher

    Its 06:00am EST on 1st December but I don’t see any refreshed allocations on the web and I haven’t received an email either ( this also happened last month with email ) , so given the market opens in a few hours when can we expect to see the new allocations published ?



    We are waiting for final data to be adjusted for dividends before we calculate and publish allocations. Should be in the next hour or so before NYSE opens.


    Is it a recommendation to do the re-balance on first day of the month? Or it isn’t that matter performance-wide, if I enter the trade during early days of the month?


    It does not make much difference if you rebalance in the first few days of month.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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