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    I am evaluating the QuantTrader and like it pretty much. However, I have 2 suggestions:

    – For the forum, suggest to add a Search function so it’s easier to find relevant prior discussions.

    – For QuantTrader: The Summary table only have a portion of the back-testing key result, but missing Down volatility, Sortino, Ulcer, Max Duration, Avg Duration as on your web site. Also suggest to add the MAR ratio as that is a good one for comparing the performances too. Really hope these can be added soon…

    Thank you!


    +1 on forum search

    Mark Vincent

    +2 on forum search.


    Please bring back the Forum search.

    It was here around 6 months/ 1 year ago, then it disappeared.


    Sorry guys, it was actually there, but hidden by some black magic .. :-) Just re-enabled it, and any further suggestion for improvement is always welcome.

    QT currently does not calculate Down volatility, Sortino, Ulcer, Max Duration, Avg Duration, etc, we do this only in our web-site. I put it on our ever growing ToDo list..

    Richard McKamie

    If you update the tool please consider adding the month by month, year by year tables shown on the website. For both the tool and the website, please add a column to the table which shows at least one yearly reference value (SPY) next to the strategies yearly return values. (I wrote an Excel tool to pull this data out of the result files in the Data folder and output it in the same format as the website.)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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