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QuantTrader Lite (free for subscribers?)2017-12-09T07:12:50+00:00
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  • reuptake
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    Hey, I’d like to present the idea of releasing restricted version of QuantTrader. As I understand, QT serves two purposes. First, and most important one is developing and testing new/modified strategies. Second one is providing with trade signals.

    So the idea is to create the restricted version, that serves only the latter goal and giving an access to it to all strategy signals subscribers. Personally, I don’t have enough experience to create my own strategies. I’d like however to have an access to signals on the last day of the month. That said I don’t know if paying $50 extra just for this one functionality is worthy. I think QT Lite could also replace Excel Signal Consolidation and even in some cases Portfolio Builder.

    It could include all LI strategies but won’t allow to add new ones, possibly with an exception of creating static allocation metastrategies from LI predefined strategies (like Portfolio Builder).

    What do you think?

  • Alexander Horn
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    Hi Marcin,

    could it be that you have connections to the North Pole? Heard rumors that Santa is preparing exactly that :-)

  • reuptake
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    All my trading is based on those connections, esp. investing in Bitcoin in 2011 ;)

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