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    Hi, I’m a new user who has always managed my own money with a tactical approach. In the past, I’ve used a watchlist of over 200 ETFs covering every asset class, sorted them by performance on multiple time frames, and then allocated capital to the sectors, countries, commodities that were outperforming. It’s a good strategy but it takes time! My first month on here and just messing around, I chose Portfolio Builder with the option for ETFs as opposed to strategies. Interestingly enough, in a few minutes it had me allocated to most of the same ETFs that my scans had me in. Impressive! Can I also do the same thing on the Quant Trader Light or do I need the Pro? Or should I just stick with the Portfolio builder? Thank you!


    It sounds like you are experienced in momentum and rotation strategies, so we would recommend using QuantTrader Light or even better QuantTrader pro, which is what we use. In QT light you can use our strategies and better see how they work. In QT pro you can create custom strategies including what you are used to doing in Excel (create a list of ETFs and then pick the x best by pure performance) but with the added feature of using risk-adjusted performance. It can be pure momentum (rank by x-day return), or risk adjusted momentum (return/risk) or even just minimum volatility (consider mostly risk and correlation).

    Another benefit is that you can create multiple sub-strategies of say 10-50 ETFs each and then ‘rank’ the sub-strategies as if they are ETFs themselves. This way you are not mixing 200 ETFs, most of which correlate highly to SPY, in the same basket.

    You get a 30-day trial of pro so feel free to experiment creating a strategy.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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