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    Nelson Brady

    When will the new strategies be available for allocations in QuantTrader?


    They are already in QuantTrader, it should prompt you to update. Or just download the last version from here.


    Hi Alexander,
    for the previous core portfolios, what were the percentages and strategies? i don’t use leverage and prefer the previous core portfolios. i used all three. please advise. thank you kindly.


    Here the allocations of the previous portfolio versions at the strategy level:

    BUG: 24
    NAS100: 40
    DOW30: 36

    NAS100: 50
    USMarket: 10
    DOW30: 40

    NAS100: 55
    UISx3: 15
    DOW30: 30

    If you click on the “pencil” icon of any portfolio you can update the strategies and %’s and save as your custom portfolio. Or use the Portfolio Optimizer to see several variations and pick your preferred one based on risk/return or other preferences.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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