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    I appreciate your efforts to find a FREE data service to replace yahoo.

    However,for those of us with paid data subscriptions, it would be VERY nice to have a plugin for our feeds.

    I personally subscribe to Norgate (https://www.premiumdata.net), but would be open to paying for another reasonable data provider.

    DATA is the LIFEBLOOD of the program and I am becoming very concerned with the reliability of FREE data sources.

    I’d rather have the option to pay for reliable inputs.


    Hello Eli,
    Thanks for the feedback. As a former (and current) Amiboker user I am aware of Norgate. Actually it was the first option we tried when Yahoo dropped the ball. The problem is that the data is not adjusted for dividends, which makes things a bit more complicated for us. Nevertheless, I do believe we need a option where a subscriber can import their own data (whether it’s from Norgate or another csv source) to QT so I will fwd the request to the team.

    Gordon Cooper

    Hi Guys-

    Any timeframe on getting mutual fund data to update?

    Also, should Interactive Brokers and Barchart.com be considered as potential data suppliers?


    BL Smith

    From what I remember for Google data a few years ago, it was not split adjusted data.



    Wondering if you have ever considered building a system to maximise the amount of stock held for 12 months in a portfolio? This would be to minimise tax impacts in my country stock held for more than 12 months generally allows for a 50% reduction in capital gains tax paid.

    1) Is it possible to request that an annual re-balance option be considered for addition to quantrader?
    2) Any ideas how to weight the current platform to maximise long term stock holds ?
    3) Any thoughts on what might work for this type of strategy. Due to the minimised tax implication the CAGR target can be much lower.

    Thanks for your sharing your approaches, I’ve greatly enjoyed working with and exploring the ideas the team and community have developed.


    Frank Grossmann

    One full year between rebalancings seems to be too long, however it could be done. At the moment you have a quarterly option and depending on the settings you normally rebalance only a part of each holding per year. Many countries accept that you rebalance several small parts of the portfolio as long as the total amount rebalanced is less than your portfolio value.


    Hi All,

    Thank you for the wonderful shout-out and blog post.

    WRT to Mutual Funds, I’m on it. Got contracts with 2 vendors and negotiating with a 3rd. Once that happens, expect a whole nother level of service and data integrity (a blog post will come out with launch). Alongside this, expect the entire US market to be covered. By the end of the new upcoming data release, expect coverage of about 41,000 tickers in the US alone. Once that stabilizes, I will expand globally.

    Just bear with me as I’m getting all the contracts in gear and scaling this operation up. There’s been a flood of new users. Thank you again!



    Hello Rishi,
    Welcome, thanks for posting and for providing a solution in troubled times :)
    We look forward to the new release!


    [quote quote=42116]As a former (and current) Amiboker user I am aware of Norgate. Actually it was the first option we tried when Yahoo dropped the ball. The problem is that the data is not adjusted for dividends[/quote]

    Hi Vangelis,
    I forgot to mention Norgate provides dividend adjusted data in their “beta testing program” for a new platform called Norgate Data Updater (NDU) they plan on releasing commercially “somewhere around the middle of the year.”

    Obviously we’re getting much closer to that time frame.

    Here’s part of an email they sent subscribers at the beginning of 2017….

    The commercial release of our new data updating platform is planned for mid-2017, and as such we are now ending the alpha testing program for PDU and moving into the beta testing phase with the next version of the platform, “NDU”.

    An overview of the beta testing program, along with instructions on how to formally request participation (should you wish to be involved), can be found here: http://www.norgatedata.com/beta-testing-program

    You may wish to check it out.

    Thanks again for everything you’re doing!


    Thank you Vangelis, right now I’m loading in an additional 20k+ OTC stocks and am gearing up for the Mutual Fund release.

    Could we talk offline about collaborating? I’m looking to launch a massive data release for a marginal cost of $7/mo – to help maintain the data, bandwidth, and add additional sources. Let me know! Rishi@tiingo.com

    Getting back to it!


    Thanks for the update Eli. The bad news is the beta is closed for new users, the good news is Norgate is getting closer to a commercial release. We will follow their progress.

    Ivan Fisher


    I’m a bit out of the loop as recently as I havent been using QT, but I just installed V3.22S and tried to enter non USA tickers, QT seems to go off to Google finance for these but doesn’t return any data even though I’m using the google ticker format ASX:xxx ( Australia).

    Can somebody advise where are we at as far as non USA tickers since the Yahoo service was changed ?


    Alexander Horn

    Since we have @Rishi in the loop, let me bounce this directly to him :-)

    Alexander Horn
    Alexander Horn

    This is one of the next features to be released.

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 104 total)
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