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    Thank you Vangelis. I gather that the streagties and portfolios are really similar, portfolios are a package of strategies. Theoretically one can pick one (or more) strategy and it would be like a portfolio built on that particular one (or more) straggly. If I got that right, I would also extend then that LI would allow one to pick a portfolio and add another strategy that may not be part of that portfolio and build a combo that one likes or wants to explore.

    If you could confirm my understand is correct, that would be great.


    Yes that is right. So yes, you could pick a portfolio and add/subtract strategies from it to create a custom one. You can then save it as “My Portfolio” and that should report aggregate allocations every month.
    There is an upside and a downside to this design. The upside is that we give you the tools to build a portfolio according to your preference of risk/safety/mix or assets etc.
    The downside is that it is more complicated and there is a bit of homework to do, at least in the beginning.


    Does QuantTrader allow me to do the following?

    1. Add / Remove the strategy in a porfolio (e.g. Maxdrawdown less than 15%).
    2. See the latest allocation in a porfolio everyday. Not necessary at the beginning of month).
    3. Implement it by tranch. e.g. I want to follow Maxdrawdown less than 15%, I want to buy 33% at the beginning of month (based on the beginning of month allocation), then 33% in the mid month based on mid month allocation and so on.



    The portfolios are composed of a fixed allocation of LI strategies. To setup a portfolio in QuantTrader you have to go to the “Consolidated Allocations” menu where you an setup the same allocations. Under “Allocations” you can see the actual calculated allocation for the last available closing.
    The buy by tranch approach can be simulated if you dont allocate to all your capital (say 100k$) but to 33k$ at the beginning of the month and so on…


    Hi all,

    I am wondering what the LI team recommend for execution of trade orders following updates to the strategies? Volatility is high right now so market on open orders have a lot of slippage.


    Alexander Horn

    We always recommend to use limit orders, and give them time to execute, if needed adjust little by little. If your broker provides them, use some of the “smart algorithms” to get better fills.


    I use IB as my trading platform. What smart algorithm would you recommend? Also what if they market gets away from my limit order? Are you setting your limits at the exact closing of the prior trading day or adjusting given pre-open movements?

    Alexander Horn

    We also trade with IB, I normally use the ‘adaptive order’:

    Do not trade outside regular hours, try to stay away from first and last half an hour, just too much action. You set the limit depending on the movements of the last hour, or last 20 minutes, depends on how quickly you want to fill. If the market goes away you, so be it, adjust your limit – the aim is not to get last close price, but to get some cents more than with a market order or a rush limit order, and it accumulates with time.Plus, you get a feeling for the market.


    Leaving this forum.

Viewing 9 posts - 76 through 84 (of 84 total)
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