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    I am using QT to buy/sell stocks monthly. I know that I read somewhere in here that you recommended all trades on the first, if possible. I have even tested the advanced feature that lets you trade after day one, and your advice is confirmed. They almost always produce lower CAGR, etc.

    However, I was holding several stocks that reported earnings at the close of 8/1-8/9. The 8/1 stock is up ~25% today.

    My question is: If a stock, that is signaled to sell off on the first, is going to have earnings in the first week of the month, and shows no signs of being in trouble from the charts, does it make sense to delay such trades until they report?

    I realize it can cut both ways but believe that the QT is recommending stocks that generally can be expected to do well.

    Please comment, thanks.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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