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    Core Portfolios – Con/Mod/Agg Risk – Data (Return, Volatility, MaxDD, Other) on portfolio pages are way different that when you rebuild in QT > Consolidated Allocations.

    QT Data (Returns) vs QT > Consolidated Allocations Data (Returns) vs Portfolio/Strategy Page (Returns) – I understand the data on the Portfolio/Strategy pages is rounded. The Returns on the QT vs QT > Consolidated Allocations can be off by as much 1/2 to 1 full percentage. Even when you match time frames.

    Also, the date (at the top) of the Portfolio/Strategy Pages seldom changes. It use to change every day as you updated the data. Now the data on the page will update but the date at the top of the page randomly changes.

    Need to be able to trust the data so investment decisions can be made.
    QT and QT Consolidated Allocations should not be off by more than 0.1, correct?
    Portfolio/Strategy Pages should round from QT data and be close, correct?


    i agree. the data is way off for this month so far. the aggressive portfolio says it’s only down 3.4 for sept however that figure is off.


    Apologies for the confusion. The web site was not using the new allocations for the full backtest. It has been updated and now matches QT.

    Ned Weiner

    I did not catch this and it did affect my decisions to my detriment. This is very disappointing.

    Ned Weiner

    I am looking at the vol<15 portfolio which is what I am using and the data used is noted to be as of 9/25/2020. So this does not appear to have been fixed. The data is still not up to date.

    Ned Weiner

    Correction: The last update is noted as 09/25/2020. The performance data does go to 9/19/2020. Still confused as to why the the dates do not match.


    That appears to be a browser cache issue. On Google Chrome, pressing ctrl-F5 updates the last update date.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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