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    Nelson Brady

    I had set “My Portfolio” to be one of the canned strategies (I think the 2X leveraged US but not certain). However now it does not match any of them. If I set a strategy to match a canned one does it capture the % allocations but not the name so if the canned one changes it does not affect mine?


    Hi Nelson,

    we’re aware that the changes in the defalt strategies have caused some confusions, we did these in response to several requests and in a best effort, but finally recognize we thereby affected other subscribers who were just fine with the previous.

    To your question:

    1) If you subscribe to one of the default portfolio with the “set as my portfolio” option [star icon], then any change we do in the strategy allocations (as last months) will be reflected also in your portfolio. So it’s like a “clone”.

    2) If you choose to build or optimize a custom portfolio, or use “modify as my portfolio” [pencil icon] then the allocations chosen by you will not be changed – they are not linked to any of the default portfolios.

    In your case it seems that you’ve build a custom portfolio (2), so there should not be any change. Pls send me an email if you need any help with this portfolio: alex at

    We really think the default portfolios as a starting point for building custom portfolios, rather then “off the shelf” solutions, this was also the motivation to recap the process in this post: Creating a custom portfolio

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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