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I posted this in the UIS 3X leveraged, before i found the forum.

1. Can we back-test a strategy where instead of going long treasuries we go short the SPY?
So either something like UPRO for 3x long S&P and SPXU for 3X short S&P.

2. A Physical rotation strategy, is it possible to develop a strategy where you are physically buying/selling a commodity for example such as gold, silver, oil?

The reason for strategy one is at one point in time the world will lose faith in the United States, and there might come a time where both equities and bonds both go down together. We can see turbulence in the bond market starting now.

The reason for strategy 2, would be a loss of confidence in the worlds financial system. This does not have to be a doomsday scenario where the world never sets up a global financial system again, because they will. It’s for a scenario where a total temporary collapse occurs, and your assets may be completely lost or confiscated as we have seen in Cyprus and soon to be many other countries.

A physical only type of system, would remove the risk of having your accounts in someone Else’s hands, for if a worst case scenario happens.