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Hi Alex,

Yes I wasn’t saying this is right or not. Was just throwing some ideas out and if you guys could look into those suggestions, and see how they perform. Another idea with a commodity strategy might be something where it’s all physical all the time, never transferring into cash.

An example, of something like this would be trading the Gold/Silver ratio against each-other, this of course wouldn’t be your whole portfolio unless you so desired, but a 5-20% allocation.

Trading the ratio against eachother would help you double or even triple “returns” as you end up accumulating more of the metals overtime as gold or silver become overvalued or undervalued to each-other. This of course is clearly a long long term investment strategy, just something I think should be examined given the current climate.

Look at what happened in current day Germany during WW1 1oz gold went from 170 Marks to 88 TRILLION Marks!!!!!! We don’t know who the next Zimbabwe, Argentina, Germany, will be, could be the whole world for all we know. Given recent world governments actions to just confiscate private assets from people to bail in institutions would make it worth-while for a successful strategy in something physical as a form of insurance.

Just my thoughts on some ideas that have been running through my mind.