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Charlie Moore

Apologies for reposting, but I thought this might deserve it’s own topic instead of being buried within another topic. I originally thought this might be related to Yahoo data issue. But perhaps not.

OK, I must be doing something wrong if others are seeing updated prices. It is now 1pm ET on 7/14/2017 and I have waited 20 min since starting and I only see prices for 7/13/2017. Here are the steps I go through:
1. Login
2. Select ‘Use End of Day Data and Intraday Prices’, Tiingo as the Historical Data Provider, click Start.
3. Because this was the first time today starting QT, there was historical data to update from the FTP server. I selected to update the historical data.
4. Once QT starts, I wait 15 min.
5. In the backtest window, I select BRS strategy.
6. Set Show Stock Data to SPY.
7. Click Show.

The window that pops up only has data up to 7/13/2017, which shows as the first line.

I am running version 4.01S. Let me know if there is more info I can provide. Thanks for your help.