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Ivan Fisher

Hi Frank,

I installed the update but I still get this error when running an optimisation

But this leads me to a question I was going to ask anyway about how future updates are handled.
If I have built my own strategies, data, symbols, optimizations etc , I don’t want to lose those . In this instance I have errors, so I have started out with a fresh ini which is a bit of a pain. But what happens in the future if for example you make a new release which uses a new structure in the ini file ? Will you build a conversion tool, or will you be expecting your users to just start afresh ? ( not good)

Maybe given the problems I’m having, you could write a doc which explains how the ini file is structured and what can be edited by a user to remove problematic entries such as what I am experiencing ?

Another problem I’m a having is re downloading historic data is painfully slow ( like > 1hr). I’m not sure how the download is requested, but could you look at speeding it up ? Seems to be 1 symbol at a time ? Could you do a parallel thread ?