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[quote quote=42116]As a former (and current) Amiboker user I am aware of Norgate. Actually it was the first option we tried when Yahoo dropped the ball. The problem is that the data is not adjusted for dividends[/quote]

Hi Vangelis,
I forgot to mention Norgate provides dividend adjusted data in their “beta testing program” for a new platform called Norgate Data Updater (NDU) they plan on releasing commercially “somewhere around the middle of the year.”

Obviously we’re getting much closer to that time frame.

Here’s part of an email they sent subscribers at the beginning of 2017….

The commercial release of our new data updating platform is planned for mid-2017, and as such we are now ending the alpha testing program for PDU and moving into the beta testing phase with the next version of the platform, “NDU”.

An overview of the beta testing program, along with instructions on how to formally request participation (should you wish to be involved), can be found here:

You may wish to check it out.

Thanks again for everything you’re doing!