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We have updated Quanttrader to version 3.16S. Please go to the update forum or download from the link below:

Version 316S changes:

– This version switches to a new financial data provider after the Yahoo finance servers stopped to work for over a week.
The download time for all symbols is still quite slow (about 10 min), but we will make it faster next week.
Make sure you delete all old csv files if you install this version in a existing folder.
When you start QT with one of your QuantTrader.ini files, then a popup window will tell you that some symbols have not been found.
Pls. check then all symbold and then delete them.
These symbols are non US symbols and are not used for our strategies. At the moment we can only download US symbols.

– New feature: QuantTrader now does an automatic version update if QT finds a newer version on our server.