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Deshan Woods


I feel your pain. I’ve been a member since January, 2014, and have had a wonderful ride so far. I am actually using my gains from the past year or so and pulled back my original capital. I’m strictly riding profit at this point. I switched from the MYRS to the Hell on Fire just a few months ago. I even use TQQQ instead of SPXL, so I’m really aggressive. Don’t get me wrong, I’m taking a pounding right now and I’m just not used to seeing a lot of red in my portfolio. This market is indeed acting strange. Look at TMF falling hard today while VIX is at levels not seen in years while the market appears to be in a rally mode. As Frank said in his market summary at the beginning of August, strange things are rippling through the market and unless he declares and “all cash” movement, I’m along for the ride, although it’s a painful ride at the moment.

I’m confident we will be in the right mix once the market decides what it wants to do. It just needs to start trending in one direction instead of whipsawing back and forth. Can’t wait for September’s Market summary.