The Logical-Invest newsletter for January 2023

Logical Invest 1 year yield 4.7%

We wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year! Here are a few thoughts on investing for 2023! 4.7% annual return Risk-Free At the moment you can buy a 1-year Treasury and get 4.7% guaranteed return for the next year.Think about that. It’s as if you hired a manager that promises a 4.7% return and guaranteed not to loose any money, all through 2023. Would you believe him? Consider the fact that 2023 looks … Read more

The Logical-Invest newsletter for December 2022

Performances Best performers for the month were the Maximum Yield Strategy (+17.5%) followed by the US Market strategy 2x. End of year performance November ended on a good note as the SP500 added 3% on Wednesday, closing the month at +5.4%. The 30 year Treasury ETF (TLT) rose an impressive +6.7 % . Gold was up 8.1%. How is it that all three asset classes were up during that same month? The answer is in … Read more

The Logical-Invest newsletter for November 2022

A proper inflation hedge: The Gold-Currency strategy I had a dream the other day: I was 9 years old, sitting on the edge of a small harbour, my legs swinging above the water. My grandfather was sitting next to me. We both held fishing rods, staring into the horizon, waiting for the occasional fish to bite. He was telling me stories about the times after world war II where money became worthless, just pieces of … Read more

The Logical-Invest newsletter for October 2022

We are navigating through an unknown economic environment. Central banks are experimenting with controlling inflation versus causing recessions. Economists are trying to compare todays macro trends to those of the late 60’s, early 70’s. Truth is they don’t know the outcome as today’s labor markets are very different from the past. As the powers-to-be play out this experiment, the safety of our funds should be our priority. Be defensive. Have a plan. Dollar up everything … Read more

The Logical-Invest newsletter for September 2022

energy crisis

The ECB’s latest interest raise ends an 8-year period of European negative rates and signals the final chapter of the zero interest rate era. On the other side of the Atlantic, the FED sees a 3.8% rate by the end of 2023. Seasoned investors may see this as a return to more normal times, before the global financial crisis in 2008, when one could expect a 4% interest on their savings. But many analysts point … Read more

The Logical-Invest newsletter for August 2022

Performances Most strategies were in the green for July. Rates: Inflation vs Recession For July the Federal Reserve raised interest rates by another 75 basis points (bps), taking the fed funds rate to 2.25% – 2.50%. A few days before the ECB hiked rates by 0.5% lifting them from the previous -0.5%. This was the first time the ECB raised rates in 11 years. These are actions that the central banks are forced to take … Read more

The Logical-Invest newsletter for July 2022

Important updates to all strategies and portfolios We have major updates to our strategies. You can read a detailed description on what has changed, why and how that affects the website charts going forward. We extended our #Cash (or STBS)and #Hedge sub-strategies so more strategies can use them. We have added VTIP or ‘inflation protected cash’ to #Hedge . We added the #Cash sub-strategy to the Universal Investment strategies and to the Enhanced Permanent portfolio strategy. We updated Nasdaq and Dow components as well as … Read more

The Logical-Invest newsletter for June 2022

Now is when you need rules – Subscribe This has been a tough year as most portfolios suffered losses. Neither equity nor bonds have provided protection, while gold has remained flat. It is a good time to stick to rules and protect capital while being able to participate in any rebound. Top 3 Strategy Allocations -Follow up Following up on last month’s publicly announced allocation to the Top 3 strategy, we can see a tolerable … Read more

The Logical-Invest newsletter for May 2022

Sell in May and go away? The SP500 fell -8.8% in April, down -13% year to date (YTD). The current chart looks scary enough to warrant a temporary rally. If not there is room below for further correction. Should one go to cash or stay invested?Should one adjust their portfolio and how? Top 3 Strategy Allocations – Free preview Below are the upcoming allocation for our Top 3 strategy. We are providing these not as … Read more