The Logical-Invest monthly newsletter for October 2018


Logical Invest Investment Outlook October 2018 Our top 2018 investment strategies, year-to-date : The NASDAQ 100  strategy with +14.50% return.   The 3x Universal Investment strategy with +7.85% return.  The Universal Investment strategy with +2.32% return SPY, the S&P500 ETF, returned +10.37%. Market comment: We are continuing to experience the symptoms of the end of Quantitative Easing: Higher interest rates and slightly higher inflation. The FED is normalizing policy and it seems that moderate growth and low inflation have helped make this into … Read more

The Logical-Invest monthly newsletter for November 2018


Our top 2018 investment strategies, year-to-date : The NASDAQ 100  strategy with +9.95% return.   The Gold-USD  strategy with -0.81% return.  The BUG strategy with -2.02% return SPY, the S&P500 ETF, returned +2.74%. Market comment: October was not a good month as the S&P 500 had a mini-crash and an ‘official’ correction touching the -10% mark from the September highs. Other markets followed the drop leaving many foreign markets in the red for the year. Our strategies were affected as well.  Let’s take … Read more

Logical Invest 2.0: Strategy & Launch of new application

Dear Subscribers and followers, It all started on the beautiful Greek island of Hydra where Frank, Vangelis and Alex met for the Logical Invest partner meeting in May 2018. Our objective was to define Logical Invest’s strategic priorities along with the concrete steps to accomplish them. Here is what we came up with: Priority 1: Become the “partner of choice” for both retail and institutional investors Make QuantTrader the engine that drives our online offerings as well as … Read more

Backtested Data vs Historical Data

Understanding why we use backtested data in our webApp Our new ‘home’ is a place to evaluate current strategies and design new portfolios going forward. The data we use is backtested data based on the latest strategy parameters. The reason we do that is to be able to see how each strategy would have performed at current parameters so that we can then combine them into a portfolio. In essence, our new tools are forward looking tools … Read more

Inverse volatility trading – A smart investment strategy for income

Why trade inverse volatility? Since 2011, trading inverse volatility has been the one of the most rewarding investment strategy in the markets with annual returns well above 30%, depending on the instruments used. Can I trade this? If you can trade ETFs in your account, you can trade an inverse volatility strategy. VIX is the CBOE Volatility Index, a popular measure of the implied volatility of S&P 500 index options; Often referred to as the fear index or the … Read more

The Logical-Invest monthly newsletter for September 2015

This is the monthly monthly Logical-Invest newsletter for September 2015. Strategy performance overview: symbol close year to date % ▴ 3 month % 1 month % 1 day % 60 day volatility 60 day correlation 3 month Sharpe 12 month Sharpe 36 month Sharpe WORLD-TOP4 273.40 2.59 -7.21 -5.04 -0.55 12.18 0.71 -2.86 1.68 2.74 AGG 108.92 0.18 0.11 -0.34 -0.07 3.80 -0.39 0.17 0.57 0.69 GSRLV 473.69 -0.77 -4.83 -4.80 -1.03 11.23 0.86 -2.12 0.60 1.88 BRS … Read more