What is Logical Invest?

Logical invest is a pioneer in building rules-based investment strategies that you trade in your own account. Our strategies use volatility and other performance metrics to intelligently allocate among and between core assets like U.S. and international equities, bonds, gold and volatility harvesting. Our systems-based approach helps take the emotion out of trading and reduce the anxiety of big market swings making it easier for investors to stay on course.

Each month we report to you the target holdings for your portfolio which you use to buy and sell securities in your own brokerage account. Our platform helps you build and track your portfolio of ETFs and stocks that meets your risk/reward objectives simply, easily and at low cost.

You can execute your own trades with your existing brokerage account. There is no need to open a new account or transfer funds and you are in complete control of trade executions which should only take about 15 minutes each month.

We do not make money off of trades or charge a management fee based on your account size. Our only fee is a monthly subscription which can be canceled by you with a click of a button. So, our only incentive is to provide you with long-term profitable strategies that avoid big drawdowns so that we can keep you as a client.

Who is it for?

Our strategies are best suited for investors that want to manage their own accounts and want to control risk while maximizing returns. You should be familiar with buying and selling stocks and you should have access to a discount broker that trades U.S. based ETFs.

The trade-off to managing your own account is that you need discipline and a little time each month to track and rebalance your portfolio. For those who prefer a "hands off" approach we offer a managed account option through a registered partner.

"Buy and hold" is a simple low-cost strategy to build long-term wealth, but is also susceptible to high volatility and big drawdowns when markets crash. History has shown that 40% drawdowns will happen. Anyone invested in 2008 understands how stressful it can be and how difficult it is to stick to your plan when everyone around you is selling.

We strive to avoid being in that situation by controlling risk through hedging and diversifying across asset classes, regions and even strategies. Moderating drawdowns allows portfolios to recover faster after a crash and ultimately results in higher long-term returns.

Robo-advisors are great for the hands-off investor who will be satisfied with "market" returns, and risks. Similar to "buy and hold", their portfolios are usually based on static models which may not work so well in the real world, which is why they are not used by most professional investors.

We create strategies that tend to work for fundamental reasons, like momentum, mean reversion or collecting volatility premiums. We then combine these "smart" strategies into portfolios to provide additional diversification and lower risk which is far beyond what a typical robo-advisor can offer.

Having someone to help us plan our financial future is extremely useful. Advisors can help with long term planning of your whole financial life, not just your investment accounts.

Financial advisors and professional money managers use us for objective, rules-based investment strategies that can be backtested and offered to their clients.

Ask your advisor how our offerings can help them create a better solution for your financial future.

Why Logical Invest Strategies?

Most of our strategies include adaptive hedging mechanisms to help protect against large market corrections. Our hedging strategies can incorporate treasuries, corporate bonds, gold and currencies.

You should not invest in something you do not understand. Our strategies are publicly documented and thoroughly back-tested so that both advisors and investors have a good understanding of what is "inside the box”.

Our strategies employ multiple techniques, including momentum and mean reversion, to rotate out of weaker ETFs and into stronger ones. An example is the Bond Rotation Strategy that keeps a low risk-profile while taking advantage of strong equity periods to rotate from treasuries into convertible, high yield or even foreign Bonds.

We build portfolios from strategies. That means you can have a portfolio that not only diversifies across asset classes (gold, bonds, commodities, etc) but also across strategies. So while one strategy is underperforming another one or more may be outperforming which could reduce or eliminate the potential loss from the underperformer and lower the portfolio's overall volatility.

We use a systems-based approach that automatically generates trade signals from our software algorithms so we avoid trying to make judgment calls during emotional market fluctuations.

Not only can you customize your online portfolio, you can even modify and create your own strategies with QuantTrader software. This is the same tool we use to create the strategies you see here. It is designed for experienced investors who want to tweak our current strategies or combine different baskets of ETFs to build new strategies.
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