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A vivid and open exchange between the user community and the team behind Logical Invest has always been a main focus and motivation for us. Beside coming up with new innovative investment strategies, we feel we can add value by creating a space for exchanging on investment practices, money and wealth management and the tools needed for getting it up & running in real life.

We´re therefore delighted to announce a new feature to further drive this exchange: Richard´s Corner, the Logical Invest User Community, moderated by Richard Manley, a long time user and critical commenter of our services.

Richard is retired from a career as an engineer, analyst, planner and manger that spanned more than 40 years where he evaluated engineering and finance alternatives for large scale capital intensive projects. He is a volunteer for the AARP tax assistance program for the elderly, an advocate of life-long learning, and is interested in making the best of his 401K assets.

Purpose of Richard’s Corner

Richard’s Corner provides a focused venue for Logical invest subscribers to share their experiences using the Logical Invest service, especially the Logical Invest tool sets – Portfolio Builder, Consolidated Strategies and QuantTrader. I think as subscribers engage in an informative exchange about how we use the tools we can all become more adept at taking advantage of their power.

Possible topics to explore include:

  • Logical Invest strategy combinations and investor goals,
  • particular techniques used with the tools (e.g., custom solver solutions),
  • investing and trading strategies,
  • outcomes that Logical Invest subscribers experience relying on the tool set,
  • circumstances within which the tools are applied (e.g., advisory service, family assets, retirement accumulation or long term distribution management, etc., …),
  • maintaining discipline with the tools,
  • and ideas for new features and capabilities that might make our investing lives both easier and more successful.

We hope the exchange that takes place in this space will initiate a thoughtful and robust discussion about how we can all best utilize the powerful insights the LI tools deliver and render those insights in an even more practical way for us, the Logical Invest subscriber community.

Structure and means of interaction

As a mean to offer a non-biased space for the user community to discuss and exchange, we´ve assisted and encouraged Richard to create such an online space. We hope the user community will now take over and make this a vivid discussion.

The initial structure of the online space is like below, but we´re anticipating comments to further add features:

In anticipation of a vivid discussion to make this your place for exchanging practices and ideas.

Start now saying hello to the community with a personal intro and what you would like the community to achieve and develop. Get started now, just click here.

All the best,

Richard Manley and the Logical Invest team

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About the Author:

Alexander has been researching and applying financial modelling as Financial Executive since 15 years. His passion and expertise lies in the enterprise and project valuation. He has participated in several multi-billion M&A deals in the chemical and bio-tech industry. Prior to joining, Alexander was the Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Vice President in Japan for a major global chemical player. Before he served in executive roles in North America, Europe and Asia within the automotive sector. He holds an MBA in General Management from the Instituto Panamericano de Alta Dirección de Empresa (IPADE) and an M.A. in International Business from the University of Paderborn. If not in Mexico City, probably he is right now enjoying life and writing for Logical Invest at his beach house "Rincón del Mar" at the Mexican pacific coast - and always happy about a visit.

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