Tutorials: Consolidated Signals & Interactive Brokers Portfolio Rebalance Tool

As promised, please find below some short video tutorials on how to create consolidated signals for your portfolio in the Online Portfolio Builder and QuantTrader, and how to efficiently execute the trades using the Portfolio Rebalance Tool from Interactive Brokers.

One of the biggest concern raised after we announced QuantTrader Light for all our “All Strategies” subscribers was the abitility to create, backtest and save custom fixed-weight portfolios. Frank just published QuantTrader Version 510, which comes with just that functionality, in the tutorial I still announce this as pre-release, but you can now use this functionality live in January rebalancing.

If you are not yet a Logical Invest subscriber, you can use our 30 days free no strings attached QuantTrader trial. You can open a free trial demo account at Interactive Brokers to test the portfolio rebalance functionality. If you already have an IB account you can create a paper account for testing and enhancing your execution skills. And to repeat, we´re in no way afiliated with them, but do appreciate the cost structure and functionalities for trading our own accounts.

We will be adding more tutorials about individual features of QuantTrader and how to build and execute your portfolio. For the time being please let us know which features you´re most interested in, and if there are questions in regard of these first tutorials.

Consolidated Signals in Portfolio Builder

See here: https://youtu.be/yZ2sgWAfQLk

Consolidated Signals in QuantTrader

See here: https://youtu.be/AZjlrEv-yLQ

Configuring the Interactive Brokers Portfolio Rebalance Tool

See here: https://youtu.be/GB4vCP1_d-c

Executing Monthly Rebalance with the Interactive Brokers Portfolio Rebalance Tool

See here: https://youtu.be/YAMeSeh0WbY

As always in anticipation of a vivid discussion in the comments or the QuantTrader Forum.

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