US Sectors Strategy


The U.S. sector meta-strategy allocates dynamically between 4 different long US sector strategies and one short US sector strategy. Due to the low correlation of these strategies, the combination creates a strategy with considerably higher Sharpe values. The addition of the negatively correlated short strategy significantly reduces volatility and drawdowns during difficult market [...]

The Nasdaq 100 Meta Strategy


The NASDAQ Meta strategy uses adjusted momentum to blend the top four NASDAQ 100 stocks. It switches between an aggressive higher volatility sub-strategy and a low volatility stock selection formula, based upon the market environment. Variable allocation to Treasuries smooths the equity curve and provide crash protection. The testing of the last 10 year years shows this strategy [...]

3x leveraged Universal Investment Strategy


The SPY-TLT Universal Investment Strategy (UIS) is one of our new core investment strategies, and we're now introducing the 3x leveraged version. Probably the most basic of all rotation strategies, is the switching strategy between the S&P 500 US stock market (SPY) and long duration Treasuries (TLT). The SPY-TLT ETF pair is very interesting, [...]

The Bug Leveraged


This is a conservative strategy meant for long term, steady growth and low risk. It is designed to cut down risk rather than chase returns. It trades monthly and invests in any of these 7 ETFs: A U.S. stock index (etf: SPY), long-term Treasuries (etf:TLT), Gold (etf:GLD), Convertible Bonds (etf: CWB), Inflation protected Treasuries [...]

Global Sector Rotation


The Global Sector Rotation Strategy (GSRS) is a good diversification to our other strategies. The strategy invests on a monthly basis in the top two performing global sectors. Global sectors ETFs normally present well-defined long lasting up and down trends which makes them fit well in rotation strategies. Another advantage of the Sector Rotation Strategy [...]

Global Market Rotation Strategy Enhanced


The Global Market Rotation Enhanced (GMRE) strategy is one of our core investment strategies. The strategy invests on a monthly basis in one of five global markets. The Global Market Rotation Enhanced strategy invests in inverse medium term volatility during periods of low volatility. Due to constant strong contango of the VIX futures, this [...]

Maximum Yield Rotation Strategy


The Maximum Yield Rotation Strategy is our top performing investment strategy and invests on a semi-monthly basis in two US asset classes or cash like ETF. Since December 2013 we have added adaptive asset allocation to the strategy.  In times of relatively low volatility you are normally 100% invested.  During market corrections, with high volatility, the [...]