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UPDATE: The tool is now available following this link




“What? Another post about tools and infrastructure? Thought Logical Invest is going to show me the next 21st Century ETF Investment Strategy!”



Yes, I know there have been plenty of posts regarding new features on our site, new portfolio options, new charting capabilities, and new portfolio builder features. Plus plenty of teasers of what is coming up in regard of strategies and meta-strategies. Is the Logical Invest team now only busy on this nice-to-have-but-not-money-making stuff?

No, we’re not, our purpose and motivation has not changed! We’re determined to be your first choice for your smart investments! But based on your feedback, and seeing that more and more of you migrate from employing single-strategies towards blends and full-fletched portfolios of strategies, we know we need to develop our infrastructure to keep up with our pledge:

“A few simple switches a month, which can be done in 15 minutes”

We’ve given an insight into our long-term vision in our last (yes, silent) video, which is:

  • Single Strategies for complementing your existing portfolio, or
  • Full fixed-weight blends or portfolios of our strategies (Portfolio Builder), or 
  • Dynamic and smart meta-strategies which adapt to changes in market environment and strategy performance – Breaking through the traditional (more or less) efficient frontiers, or
  • Top-notch custom portfolio solutions made to spec for larger accounts and institutional money managers.

Now, while this means a time-warp evolution in performance and robustness, it undoubtable also means an increase in the complexity. Means, we need to provide you with tools to keep the execution process easy, and allow you to enjoy your free-time with your most beloved instead of doing advanced Excel Acrobatics on weekends.



“Ok, got you. But where does this lead us?”




Well, the next milestone is to support you to simulate the consolidated signals for executing the trades of your custom portfolio.

Suppose you have come up with your dream portfolio using 5 of our strategies. How will you know at each re-balance date which instruments to buy and sell? Without pulling the individual strategy signals out of your mailbox and put manually into a spreadsheet?

This is what the new tool will allow you to do in a much more efficient manner:

  • Select your account size to be simulated
  • Choose the weightings of your portfolio allocation (incl leverage)
  • We’ll pull the up-to-date signals, consolidate them and add last ETF prices

Et voila: We’ll tell you what ETF shares you need to have in your account to keep it perfectly rebalanced. No Excel Sheets anymore! You just rebalance your brokerage account, 401k, or IRA with a couple of trades to match the shown allocation – and enjoy the rest of your day!

See here how it works:
(click to expand)

Strategy Consolidation

Or more in detail:




“Ok, nice, but yet just another Mountain View, CA sponsored spreadsheet! Is that all you have?”




Ok, sigh, we’re a bit behind with getting both the portfolio builder and the signal consolidation integrated into our site. This is why – and hearing your voices – we’ve decided to go ahead with this interim idea – inspired by and thanks to Patrick Hill – while we continue the long-term development to be launched still within 2nd quarter 2015.

Below is a pre-launch version of this new tool, where – as always – we ask for your feedback and improvement ideas – to make this as easy-to-use and convenient to you as we can. Based on your feedback we’ll make sure you have this available ready for April.

Note that this tool is only available to subscribers of our “All Strategies” package, of which your find further information here.

In expectation of a vivid discussion and a lot of challenges from your end!

All the best,

 (Tool only visible online, not by email)

Simulate your Consolidated Signals and Shares


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  1. Bob 02/20/2016 at 5:33 pm

    I downloaded the Consolidated signals spreadsheet and when i click the stock price update button the values all blank out, is there something missing from my spreadsheet ?



    • Vangelis 02/21/2016 at 2:15 am

      Hello Bob. The excel seems to work although it may take a while to download the prices. I send you an email with an updated version with current prices.

  2. Vangelis 04/06/2016 at 2:30 pm

    All-Strategy subscribers can should download our Excel sheet with all the strategy signals:

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