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    Should I rebalance the total each month. For example..I am using the Global Market Stategy and the balance of my edv and mdy etfs are not longer 40/60 from the start of February…. so do I rebalance them to start the month of March 40/60 again as per the post for March?



  • Matt
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    Hi Scott,

    If it were me I would rebalance. I think that is how the strategies are supposed to be used and that is how I use them.

    I thought this site would have more interaction by the logical invest folks. It’s been 4 days and no response to your question is bothersome.

    It would be great to get more subscribers and more interaction in here. This is such a great service that so many people can benefit from.


  • wigmoney
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    Thanks Matt…It is awesome…

  • Vangelis
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    Thanks Matthew, your answer was spot on, the models are built and aided by rebalancing at the time of a signal, even if no change to the signal; this can add measurable value. The threshold amount would a size large enough to be worth a trade transaction.

    Thanks for contributing – we have had a couple of partners traveling.

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