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  • C. R.
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    Hello Frank and company,

    You do a great service for individual investors which is both, educational and entertaining.

    I think your custom portfolio builder is a great tool. Therefore, I was wondering if in the future, you might include a feature where members can add their own ETF (or ETF’s) to the mix. This way we could have member submitted portfolios and maybe even track their performance.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.


  • Alexander Horn
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    Hi CR, thanks for the feedback and suggestion!

    What if we implement this in the offline Excel version? See here: https://logical-invest.com/forums/topic/experimental-offline-excel-portfolio-builder/

    I can add some empty ‘slots’ for custom ETF and the needed quote download functionality there. This might be more flexible and safer than the online version, because it requires some tracking of the quotes and data alignment.

    I’ll also add it to the ‘final integrated’ online version, which will allow users to save the portfolio, and get consolidated signals for the set up portfolio. This continous work in progress, but moving ahead little by little.

    Let me know, open for any suggestion,

  • C. R.
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    That will be great. Please keep us updated as to when this will be available.

    Thank you for your help.


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