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  • Noam
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    Is there an easier way in which I can receive notification of ALL Blog and Forum posts and replies without having to go to each topic or post and check the individual notification box?

  • Alexander Horn
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    Noam, thanks for the excellent question. All subscribers are notified once we publish a new post. But to receive notifications about new comments to posts or replies in the forum you need to sign-in to each of the posts or forum topics so far. The idea is to let people choose which email notifications to receive to avoid “spamming”.

    Let me have a look how we could implement what you’re looking for. Guess you have seen the “Recent Comments” and “Recent Topics” boxes in the right menu? These might be a workaround in the meanwhile, let me know how we could improve these also, currently set to show only the last 5 and 7, respectively.

  • Alexander Horn
    Post count: 398

    Noam, update after exploring a bit, you see we’re in “Boy Scout mode” about all the functionalities ourselves:
    – You can subscribe at forum level, e.g. in either “Main Forum” or “Frequently Asked questions” just hit the “notify me of replies” option in the bottom, and you will be emailed about all new topics and replies. So no need to subscribe to individual topics.
    – On posts there is no such feature (up to my current knowledge), but we’re releasing on average only one new post a week, so it should be fine to subscribe if you’re interested after reading.

    Hope this helps, will continue reviewing, any further ideas are appreciated.

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