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Strategy Links CAGRMaxDDSharpeInstrumentsFrequency
Universal Investment StrategyCreate a smart Equity/Bond portfolio. Unlike classic equity/bond allocations, the model uses variable weights and can adapt to current conditions.Details PDF Subscribe12.6%10.9%1.44S&P500 vs TreasuriesMonthly
NASDAQ 100 Meta StrategyA growth oriented strategy that intelligently picks the best NASDAQ 100 stock combinations.Details PDF Subscribe44.5%17.5%1.91NASDAQ 100 StocksMonthly
Bond Rotation (Sleep Well)Collect bond dividends while pursuing growth by shifting between bond sectors with low volatility.Details PDF Subscribe9.2%8.5%:1.48Major Bond Sectors ETFsMonthly
Gold Currency StrategyInvest in Gold using institutional level currency hedges.Details PDF Subscribe16.8%13.8%1.34Gold ETF, Currency ETfsMonthly
The Top 4 World Country strategyInvest in countries around the world using adjusted momentum and variable risk protection.Details PDF Subscribe11.6%16.5%0.90 50 Global Country ETFsMonthly
Global Market RotationUse this Global rotational momentum strategy to pick the best risk-adjusted performers out of a list of core international ETFs.Details PDF Subscribe19.8%23.6%1.01Global Regions Equity ETFsMonthly
Maximum YieldUse this advanced strategy to benefit from volatility harvesting. The strategy balances inverse VIX positions with a variable, semi-monthly Treasury allocation.Details PDF Subscribe41.7%20.6% 1.69Inverse VIX ETFs, Treasuries,Twice a Month
The BUG (LI Permanent Portfolio)Use this conservative strategy for consistent growth and low risk in most economic environments.Details PDF Subscribe10.1%10.2%1.36S&P500, Treasuries, EM Debt, Convertibles, Gold, TIPSMonthly
Global Sector Rotation Low VolatilityGain global exposure by using an international sector-rotation strategy that uses low volatility ETFs.Details PDF Subscribe15.26%9.66%1.36 27 Global Sector ETFsMonthly
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