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We make it as easy as possible to analyze our ETF Rotation Investment strategies, how they perform in bull markets, bear markets, and any time period you want.   How did they do vs a benchmark? What were the model signals?   How are the ETF Rotation Investment strategies doing lately?  We don’t make you subscribe to get this information, we make it publicly available.

Our new charts are now more sophisticated and updated everyday (currently with a one day lag to allow data validation).  You can view these by going to strategy page and picking a strategy, like the Bond Rotation “Sleep Well”.  Or check the Maximum Yield Strategy, or the NASDAQ100.

Improved tracking of ETF Rotation Investment Strategies

We have a lot of features; today I will show you a few:

We now have a better way to view performance by year vs benchmark.  Analytically, I think this is much more insightful than the typical 3 year, 5 year, etc. aggregated look back.

 ETF Rotation Investment IRA retirement hedging

Next, you can see how you can use the preset button on the right or directly enter date ranges on the left to view any period you want.   For example here is the longer history view:

ETF Rotation Investment 401k IRA retirement

Here is the one year view for a ETF Rotation Investment strategy:

One Yr View

 And the close in Year to date period:

ETF Rotation Investment chart

And, by using click into the graph the cross hairs show you each individual day, which is pretty cool:

ETF Rotation Investment 401k IRA retirement hedging

We have added nice features, but I must save some fun for the next post. 

You can always track our ETF Rotation Investment strategies either on the home page, on the individual strategy pages, or in the “My account” section. Either way, we´ll put the strategy performance on top of all, finally this is why you are here, and so do we.


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