Logical Invest partners with EPG to offer strategies as Separately Managed Accounts

We are very excited to announce our partnership with The Estate Planners Group. Finally, there is an alternative way to invest in our strategies! “Hands-free” in a Managed Account.

Investment management firm The Estate Planners Group, LLC (“EPG”) announced that it is partnering with research firm, Logical Invest (“LI”) to provide managed accounts based on the firm’s successful investment strategies. Account will be held at Interactive Brokers and managed by EPG. Investors can open or transfer existing accounts quickly and easily by filling an online application at https://logical-invest.com/epg-home.


Following a strategy can be psychologically demanding.

Most of our subscribers are either professionals or hard-core DIY investors that want complete control of their trading. This requires discipline. Even when following a rules-based strategy, the investor still needs to trade the signals without second guessing himself. It is quite common for all kind of questions to pop-up: Do I trade on Monday, at the open, 30 minutes after open, 20 minutes before close, should I wait for a correction, etc. Have you ever missed or delayed an entry, watched on the sidelines while the strategy profited only to torture yourself on how (and when) to jump back in?

That being said, many investors, including professionals, like to have the freedom to combine, overwrite and “time” signals as they see fit. They also like the freedom to have their funds anywhere in the world, with their favorite broker and pay no additional fees to managers. For these people, we provide strategy signals while true freedom-fighters and pros can customize with our QuantTrader package.

What about the rest? The ones that would rather not deal with the market, have full time jobs or prefer people over computer monitors and numbers? Can they still benefit from following an LI strategy?


Hands Free Managed Account for a reasonable fee.

Our partnership with EPG allows anyone to invest in our core strategies with no effort in a Managed Account.

  1. The mamaged account opening process is performed online.
  2. After completing a short questionnaire you choose how much money you want to invest. Minimum is $50,000. You then select one or two strategies and specify the allocations, for example 60% on the Universal Investment Strategy, 40% Bond Rotation Strategy.
  3. You are directed to the Interactive Brokers site where you open an account on your name. You then specify that EPG will manage your account.
  4. You fund the account.

That’s it, your managed account is ready to be invested. After that EPG receives all signals and recommendations from Logical Invest and they trade the strategies for you.

You can also reach out to EPG and arrange for an advisor to call you back at your convenience.

EPG is open to incorporating additional strategies into the managed account structure in the near future as well as creating custom solutions based on LI tools for larger accounts.

Who is EPG?

The Estate Planners Group, LLC, was founded by David W. Loesser in 2001. It is registered as an investment advisor with the State of Pennsylvania. EPG has been our client for some years. Dr. Michael Sullivan has been part of our vivid community and is quite familiar with the way our strategies work as well as our notoriously demanding customer base. You can find more information by following the links below:
Consult EPG ADV Part 2 Form
Review EPG at SEC Broker Check


The Fees & Agreement

The agreement for the managed account is between the investor and EPG. Logical Invest does not receive any direct fees or have any agreement with the investor. Logical Invest will act as consultant to EPG and will provide EPG all signals and model allocations so that EPG can manage the holdings according to Logical Invest’s model portfolio allocations.

Simply put, if you elect to go the SMA way you will pay the advisory fee to EPG. You do not pay us anything.

Strategies available are:

The Bond Rotation Investment Strategy
The Gold-Currency Strategy
The Universal Investment Strategy
The Global Market Rotation Strategy
The Maximum Yield Strategy

Graduated management fee as follows:
0.99% per year (99 basis points) on managed assets up to $250,000
0.89% per year (89 basis points) on managed assets $250,001 to $500,000
0.79% per year (79 basis points) on managed assets $500,001 to $1million
Accounts over $1million are assessed a flat 0.75% (75 basis points)


I am a current subscriber. Should I try a managed account?

If you are disciplined and feel comfortable trading on your own, do so. It is cheaper.

Otherwise opening a managed account at IB, having it managed by EPG and researched by Logical may be a good deal compared to passive robo-advisors, regular discretionary trading or a 2/20 hedge fund.

Of course if you are a happy customer and know of a family member who should try us but cannot trade themselves, what a better way to get them started?

More info on our extensive FAQ.

Visit the EPG/LI portal: https://logical-invest.com/epg-home/

Invest in one of our Top Strategies, register for our free one month trial

NameCAGR 1y ▼
Leveraged Universal Investment Strategy24.7%
Gold-Currency Strategy II14.4%
Volatility less than 15%12.5%
Max Drawdown less than 15%12.4%
Enhanced Permanent Portfolio Strategy11.7%

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