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How to start investing? We will take you through some simple steps to determine your risk profile, chose your portfolio, open and fund your account.

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My primary financial goal is…

I am saving for the following:

  • Major Purchase
  • Retirement Savings
  • Children’s & Grandchildren’s Education
  • Maximize Estate to My Heirs
  • Current Income

My priorities for these financial objectives are…

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  • (3)

    Somewhat Important

  • (5)

    Not Important

Current Income:

Capital Growth:

I will need the money from this account within…

Once I start withdrawing money, I will do so over ….

How would you react if your long-term investments declined by 15% in one year?

Approximately what annual rate of return is needed to meet your financial goals?

The following shows hypothetical best and worst returns of 4 investment portfolios over a one-year period. Each illustrates the potential loss or gain an investor might experience in a year. Which portfolio would you be most comfortable holding knowing you could experience the maximum drawdown (negative return) illustrated as easily as the potential gain illustrated?

Please note, the following “Portfolios” are not intended as representations of investment options offered by EPG-LI. They are for illustration purposes only to assist you in identifying your investment risk tolerance.

Thanks for your feedback. Based on your replies we estimate your risk profile as

Less Risk
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More Risk
Lower Potential Returns
Average Potential Returns
Higher Potential Returns

Based on your risk profile let's now select your investment portfolio. You can either:

1) Select one of the preset "Portfolio Options" which apply Modern Portfolio Theory by Nobel Price Laureate Harry Markowitz.

2) Or Select the "Custom Portfolio" tab, enter any strategy weights you wish and calculate the performance of this custom allocation.

IB restricts the use of inverse or leveraged ETF like the ones employed in the Gold Currency Strategy in all retirement accounts (IRA, SEP, Roth, etc.). As a result, the Gold Currency Strategy is not available for retirement accounts. In addition Meta Models that allocate to the Gold Currency Strategy have been adapted for retirement accounts to approximate the risk/return profile of the published Meta Models without the use of the Gold Currency Strategy.

We will now proceed with opening a custodian account at Interactive Brokers. Please select your account size to determine the applicable fee structure to proceed:

Please read and accept the following documents to begin the account application process.

"For details on the applicable fee structure by account size please see Here"

Thanks for your input. Before proceeding to opening your account, please see below your complete profile.

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