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Our Mission is to get you more with less.

Make your money work hard for you – as hard you did to make it!

Whether you are investing for retirement, for your kids education or to fulfill one of your dreams.

Our approach delivers the attractive risk-reward performance of Logical Invest strategies with “Set and Forget” convenience as EPG manages the strategies on your behalf.



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Logical Invest rule-based strategies offer access to attractive return at lower risk. Learn more

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Your personalized portfolio – based on our powerful strategies

Our Custom Portfolio Builder applies Modern Portfolio Theory by Nobel Price Laureate Harry Markowitz. It is meant to help you take advantage of powerful asset allocation scenarios that increase return while lowering risk by building a diverse portfolio.

When measurably diverse assets are combined in a portfolio, portfolio risks are reduced while maintaining robust returns. Investing objectives range from maximizing annual return for a given level of volatility, to minimizing volatility or historical drawdown overall and much in between. They are reflected in our pre-configured portfolios, which may serve as base for doing further customization.

Simply select from seven preconfigured portfolio options, or blend your own allocation from our strategies.


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We are with you during the Process.

Use our tools to find the solution that gives you peace of mind while achieving your goals.

The Advisors from EPG will support you in clarifying your goals, setting up a realistic objective, selecting and implementing your portfolio solution, and regularly monitoring your progress in achieving your set objectives.


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The more you invest, the lower your rate.

Whether you invest 50,000 USD or 1,000,000 USD, we have an effective and efficient plan for you.

How it works – Logical Invest strategies or portfolio solutions will be used by EPG to rebalance and manage a brokerage account in your name at Interactive Brokers (IB), the broker-dealer we have chosen. All fees will be calculated and assessed on a daily basis by the custodian. For further details please consult our FAQ.


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Get started now. Just some simple steps separate you from experiencing a new way of investing.

Our fully automated risk profiling, portfolio selection and account opening is convenient – and keeps costs low.

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About Estate Planners Group


Trusted relationships and partnerships are the basis for success.

The Estate Planners Group began in 2001 with the thought, “If pre-retirees and retirees are going to be successful in retirement they need an advocate and someone they can trust.” While no company is perfect, we believe it’s only in the context of trusted relationships that success can be achieved.

About Logical Invest

We develop intelligent, rule-based portfolio investment strategies.

Our strategies are thoroughly back tested. They all provide excellent yearly performance with mechanisms to reduce the risk of large losses during market crashes. All strategies are based on mathematical market rules and avoid any emotional component in the investment process.

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